FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

SoS Moment: You Guys Are Gonna Be Featured In Sonic Generations!

I hear the buzz last year was about a little game by the name of Sonic Generations. We had a load of demo pods featuring the first UK play of modern Green Hill, but that wasn’t the only thing we did for Generations…

Were you there? Let us know about this, and your favourite SoS Moments here in the comments, or via Twitter!

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23 Responses to SoS Moment: You Guys Are Gonna Be Featured In Sonic Generations!

  1. Shadey says:

    OMG That Was Awesome!!! I was there but you couldn’t see me. I was on the other side of the room. :)

  2. Chunnandragon says:

    It was SO AMAZING, Summer of Sonic really was one of the best moments in my life, and i’m sure this year will be no diffrence! <3 It's just so touching to see how much Sonic means to us, how much we adore that pesky blue hedgehog! And we in Sonic generations? could it get any better?! I all love you guys!

  3. Danbuster says:

    Heh, heh… I remember that! I was there! I was in that crowd! ^_^

  4. Aha, that was an AMAZING moment! I love Summer of Sonic! :D

    I think my favourite moment was actually at SoS 2010 where everyone sang the tune to Emerald Hill in unison during Never Mind the Buzzbombers! Just because…well, because it was really awesome!

  5. Ellie says:

    Was one of the most memorable moments, and days of my life. What a fantastic day.

  6. Keira says:

    I was there :) but at the back of the room, waiting in a que -_-, but joined in, screamed at the top of my lungs, was fab!

  7. RikaFurude says:

    I was playing SA2B at the time :)

  8. Celestial_Wolf says:

    Makes me wonder if something similar is going to happen this year…

  9. Katzii says:

    Unfortunately, I missed that bit since I had to get home again, but it was a great day nonetheless!

  10. Daxan0 says:

    That was a great moment and I stood in front together with my friend!!!

    • Heaven the Hedgehog says:

      with me i guess :pp <–shahra again :) havent played the game jet unfortunately for i dont got the console jet (but bought the SE pack with all the nice goodies whee :p ) but it was the most WHEHEE!! moment in my life :) *tears in my eyes*

  11. Claire says:

    I was there – it was AWESOME! Really REALLY hope I can grab a ticket in the second wave. Not ashamed to admit I teared up when I saw they were sold out… That’s how much SoS means to me… and I’m sure so many other fans. :)

  12. Spikey says:

    No words….just, wow!

  13. UsuraioHACKER says:

    I was there… it was amazing ç.ç expecially this part but most fun during the last hour with the dj who mixed for us many many music, song and on and on and on *.*
    Lovely, just lovely. I’m gonna come again this year, guaranteed
    And this time, I want the ticket T_T I don’t wanna wait 5 hours as the last SoS ._.

  14. Goma says:

    I was the one that started the “Happy Birthday to you!” chant… XDXD You can hear my voice over the others, I’M SORRYYYY

  15. marcustherocker says:

    I was there :D

  16. ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

    Sadly I didn’t get there last year :( but I’m hopefully going this year :D another thing that’s pretty epic today is that Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II came out today!! :D :D XD

  17. karl george says:

    This is one of the crowning memories i have of last year :D

  18. Yellow says:

    I remember… it was _extremely_ full (really had to fight to get close to anything important), _extremely_ loud (had to scream whenever you wanted to talk to anybody), when you wanted _any_ kind of goodie you had to wait hoursin a queue (both playing demo games and wanting an autograph or similar)… I don’t know a solutino for this, but maybe… maybe you could tone down the music a bit and, I dunno, use a waiting number drawing system or something?

    Of course, great nonetheless, and a way cool experience.

  19. Luke Stott says:

    I was proud to be part of that! :D

  20. Warren Francis says:

    I was there! I never thought I could shout so loud! I felt at home at last years Summer of Sonic!

  21. FamilyGAMEGuy8 says:

    I was there. My friend had to leave 5 minutes before. He was so mad when I told him what happened. After beating Sonic Generations I can say it was worth it! Technically I was in a video game.

    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Make a video game cameo

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