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Summer of Sonic 2012 Sign Off: Thank You All So Much!

Summer of Sonic 2012 has come and gone – and we hope you all came away with some fond memories of the event. Getting to know other fans, rocking out to Crush 40, laughing at the insanity of Never Mind the BuzzBombers, meeting some of your Sonic Heroes… there was a lot to see and do at this, our fifth anniversary of the convention. For us, we certainly felt it was the best Summer of Sonic we’ve ever held! Everything went to plan, minor hiccups were swiftly averted, and every one of us had time to really enjoy some time with you guys. It was relaxing, exciting, and the best fun we’ve ever had. Continue reading

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Summer of Sonic 2012 EXCLUSIVE: NiGHTS and Reala are playable characters in Sonic & All-Stars Racings Transformed

Summer of Sonic patrons were treated to a glimpse of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and it turns out that NiGHTS and Reala are going to be playable characters. The levels featured are Spring Valley and areas of Nightmare featuring … Continue reading

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Eggman Strikes! Unfortunately due to an electrical fault the Hove Centre is unavailable for Summer of Sonic 2012. But never fear, for our blue spiny hero has moved at Sonic Speed to set up shop at the Brighton Centre, facing … Continue reading

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Plan Your Day! Complete Summer of Sonic 2012 Events Guide

Want to know what time that Q&A session on stage is starting? Unsure about when the art contest ends and when the winners will be announced? Don’t want to miss out on meeting Iizuka-san? Well, worry no more – we’ve published a complete guide on our Event page so that you can plan your entire day with ease. Continue reading

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Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn Present: SoS Art Masterclass

Sonic the Comic legends Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn have been some of our most regular (and most popular) guests to appear at Summer of Sonic. For Summer of Sonic 2012 we can happily announce that Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn will be hosting two Art Masterclass sessions throughout the day. Continue reading

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All Aboard! Hop on our Sonic Shuttle!

You already know that this year’s Summer of Sonic is taking place in the Hove Centre in Brighton. Well, you may also know that there are two ways of getting there by train – Hove station and Brighton station. Although it’s close, the Hove Centre is a fair walk away from Brighton station, right? Well, walk no more! Introducing our Sonic Shuttle service, which will run frequently from the station to the venue! Continue reading

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Search for a Singer Results: Introducing Jam with Jun!

Wow! You guys are all truly talented Sonic fans! We received a huge response for our Search for a Singer contest, but the time has come to announce the lucky guy and gal that will be performing It Doesn’t Matter and Believe in Myself live at the Summer of Sonic 2012! Continue reading

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