FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

All Aboard! Hop on our Sonic Shuttle!

You already know that this year’s Summer of Sonic is taking place in the Hove Centre in Brighton. Well, you may also know that there are two ways of getting there by train – Hove station and Brighton station. Although it’s close, the Hove Centre is a fair walk away from Brighton station, right? Well, walk no more! Introducing our Sonic Shuttle service, which will run frequently from the station to the venue!

The Sonic Shuttle service consists of two minibuses, which will be waiting to pick you up from the car park entrance at Brighton station. They will run every 30 minutes. Two minibuses will run between 09:00 - 12:00 at the station, after which time one minibus will run from the Hove Centre in case anyone wants to travel back. From 16:00 onwards, a two-minibus service will resume from outside the Hove Centre.

We want you to travel to the venue quickly, and in style, so if you want to take advantage of this unique service please do so! If you’re not sure where abouts you need to go in Brighton station for the car park entrance, we’ve marked it here on a station map below so that you don’t have to worry about getting lost:

See you on Saturday!

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13 Responses to All Aboard! Hop on our Sonic Shuttle!

  1. Danny Hodges says:

    see you on Saturday folks this convention is the one thing I’m most excited about this year :D

  2. Major Ziggy says:

    I’m travelling to the Pool Valley Coach Station travelling by National Express. Its further away from the Hove Centre than the rail station. Can I stroll from the coach station to the rail station and use the minibus?

  3. Tylky says:

    Aw hell, we chose to get off at Hove Station as it’s closer. Now we have to pay extra to get a few minutes down the road. D:

  4. Love this idea. Very very handy to people who’ll be arriving!
    We arrive at midnight though, we could walk there and back several times by then, haha.
    Someone has to film one of the little trips from station to venue, see what the atmosphere’s like in there. =P

  5. liam spooner says:

    all aboard the sonic express

  6. marcustherocker says:

    Hell yeah boy :D I am so gonna use this when my train pulls into Brighton :) It arrives before 9am so I will be waiting a while before the shuttle departs but this should give me time to find the car park

  7. Bilal says:

    Nice! Will there be a cost to use this?

  8. TheXiled says:

    Quick question. How long is the coach journey between the train station and The Hove Centre?

  9. Umiyuri says:

    Hey. My dad is determined on getting a taxi back to the station at the end of the day. Is it possible to get the shuttle bus back to Brighton Station at 7.30pm so that he really, really does not have to?

  10. Jan says:

    Very grateful for the Sonic Shuttle service too :))

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