FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

Plan Your Day! Complete Summer of Sonic 2012 Events Guide

Want to know what time that Q&A session on stage is starting? Unsure about when the art contest ends and when the winners will be announced? Don’t want to miss out on meeting Iizuka-san? Well, worry no more – we’ve published a complete guide on our Event page so that you can plan your entire day with ease.

The guide is split into three sections: what’s happening on the Main Stage, the Zones that are situated around the main hall, and what other attractions are taking place. Perhaps one of the most exciting things for you guys is the confirmation of a food stand, with – you guessed it – Chili Dogs and Hot Dogs available to purchase and eat.

Times for all stage events – as well as the Fan Animations, Signing Desk sessions and even the appearances of Sonic himself – are clearly labeled on this page too.

Here are some simple times to keep in mind, though – doors open at 10:00 to allow people inside the venue, but Summer of Sonic 2012 won’t officially kick off until 11:00. Make sure you’re standing by the Main Stage by that time! The convention will close after Crush 40′s performance – 19:30.

As for an after-party? Nothing huge or fancy, like last year, but there will be an opportunity for attendees to come and have a wind-down drink with the Summer of Sonic staff and volunteers. Feel free to pop down to the Station Bar & Pizzeria in Hove from 9pm (or earlier) and celebrate the end of a fantastic Sonical day! We can’t guarantee there’ll be enough room for everyone though – the offers open until we run out of space!

We’re less than three days away from the Summer of Sonic 2012… it’s time to get excited!

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11 Responses to Plan Your Day! Complete Summer of Sonic 2012 Events Guide

  1. Jemma says:

    This is going to be AMAZING !! Im so excited !!!

  2. Tylky says:

    I really can’t wait! I won’t be able to sleep tomorrow night! :’)

  3. Shannah Watkiss says:

    I’m not going but I’m watching the live stream so I’ll see the events guide. I’ll be sure to watch the live stream, and I can’t wait for Crush 40 live :D

    • Heaven the Hedgehog says:

      im doing it the same, wave in the camera and greet us poor ppl who wasnt able to get in this jear :) its my 1st jear not being there and watching life-stream instead… hope, there’ll be a link th the stream-site soon so i sure dont miss a second… do you stream BEFORE opening the venue so we can see preparations? :) or just when it opens and see ppl running the house down? :p and will there be a life-chat room too to share expressions or give hints for example to correct the camera’s position? :) anyways, hoping i can enjoy sonics birthday-party from home too :)
      *wave* to all who get in from me :p i whish us all a great day and a lot of fun with our favorite blue hedgehog :)
      greetings, Heaven

  4. marcustherocker says:

    Thanks for the handy guide dudes :D With this, I have been able to create my own little schedule of things I will do during the day :) Bring on Saturday :D

  5. we have spare tickets because I have been unwell and can not take the kids. Can you do something this late…so sorry

  6. anthony says:

    will it matter if im a bit late arriving cause i wont be able to get their till 12?

  7. kimplix says:

    if this ticket thing is going to be the same speed next year, i’m gonna be pissed off! literally!

    • Heaven the Hedgehog says:

      agree… facebook was a big mistake :( im not even sure the venue will totally fill up, might be aswell ppl only got tickets to take them away from others.. :( and some might make trouble too, if its the same kind of facebook-party ppl you see on the news the last months.. :(

    • Manoj Rasanayagam says:

      What!!! i hope we get there in time ASAP!!!

  8. D Hood says:

    I too will be skipping this year because of numerous reasons which has made me unable to attend although i shall try to catch the live steam but we shall see how the day pans out so for now,make sure all of you @ SOS12 party 100x as hard for me and all the other fallen sonic fans around world who shall sadly miss this legendary event.

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