FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

Submit Your Questions to Iizuka-san and SUMO Digital!

We have already announced that not only will Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka will be making a return appearance to Summer of Sonic, but that SUMO Digital will also be in attendance to showcase Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed! As part of the day’s festivities, we will be hosting two Q&A panels where fans can ask both Iizuka-san and SUMO Digital’s executive producer Steve Lycett any burning questions you may have about the blue blur!

The SUMO Digital Q&A will take place first, at around 14:00 on the stage. Steve Lycett will present the game formally, and will answer your questions for about 30 minutes. There will also be a special surprise in store for the audience at Summer of Sonic this year…

This will be followed by our Ask Iizuka-san Q&A panel, which will last for an hour from 15:00 to 16:00 on the stage. The Sonic Team studio leader loved interacting with the crowd so much, that he’s ready to take on your biggest questions.

Just like 2011′s convention, we will be asking questions directly from you guys! How can you take part? Follow these steps and guidelines:

  1. Simply write your question down in the comments section of this page.
  2. Be sure to start your comment with either ‘SUMO’ or ‘IIZUKA-SAN’ so that we can easily tell who your question is intended for.
  3. We will sift through all of the questions on this page and cherry-pick the best ones to ask SUMO and Iizuka-san on the day.
  4. Try to be creative and original in your questioning – things like “Why is Sonic in a car?” are not likely to get picked.
  5. Our guests cannot give answers to probing questions about future products or game features. Asking Steve Lycett what characters and tracks are going to be in SART is going to be a waste of time. Similarly, asking Iizuka-san what he’s working on at the moment isn’t going to get you a decent answer.
  6. Please be respectful in your questioning. These guys work hard to create games for a franchise you all love, and are essentially your heroes. Try to remember that when thinking of a question. :)

Let’s get asking!

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101 Responses to Submit Your Questions to Iizuka-san and SUMO Digital!

  1. IIZUKA-SAN. If you could go back and remake any Sonic game to make it better, which would it be?

    SUMO. When it comes to physics in SaSASRT, does the cars behave in a more arcade-like manner or a realistic manner?

  2. Kjeldo says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Are the rumors of Big The Cat being a retired character now, true?

  3. marcustherocker says:

    When it came to choosing the levels for Sonic Generations, was the selection process an easy one or was it harder then originally anticipated?

    What inspired the idea to bring a mixture of Sonic and various SEGA characters together in one game?

  4. connor goodsell says:

    As one of the few people who enjoyed sonic 2006 despite the low quality game play do you think you have learned from your mistakes as you have gone along in the series.

    • Zack T says:

      This question might not work as well for Iizuka, since he didn’t work on Sonic 2006 in any way, shape or form. After directing Shadow the Hedgehog, he went to work on Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2 before taking a break to work on other projects (such as NiGHTS) before coming back to work with Sonic on Sonic Colours and Unleashed as a Producer

      Hope that helps. :)

  5. Dale Carey says:

    IZUKA-SAN: WIll there be any Downloadable content for Sonic Generations?

  6. Gazza3478 says:

    SUMO: Who suggested that Danica Patrick be a playable character in Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed

    Takashi Iizuka: Why did Rouge have a different design in Sonic Heroes, was she going to have a different design in each subsequent game?

  7. zonic94 says:


    In recent years, Sonic Team has primarily focused on the Sonic and Phantasy Star franchises (as well as the Puyo Pop series in Japan). Is it possible for the team to one day return to making original titles in the same vain as Ristar, NiGHTS, Burning Rangers, Billy Hatcher etc alongside new installments in the Sonic and Phantasy Star franchises?

  8. Dr-Spudhead says:

    It was heavily hinted that Sonic Adventure 2 was to be a game of choosing your path. This was later used for Shadow. Could you elaborate on the early thought process behind Adventure 2?

  9. Alex Baker says:

    Izuka-san- What gave you the idea to make Sonic games such as “Sonic and the black knight” and Sonic and the secret rings” from story books? And also will there be any more Sonic games in the story book series ?

  10. Nicholas says:

    I would love to know how I can get into the videogames industry, such as marketing and promotions, journalism, or even game testing, considering I have little to no true experience within a gaming company, but somewhat within fields such as retail, promotions and debug testing indie games.

    Any advice and means not just for me but for anyone interested in finding a career within the gaming industry would be brilliant.
    Perhaps I’ll ask Steve if he’d be willing to take me on for a month or so on a work placement, I think I’d cry if i managed to finally get a job in a field I love and adore,

  11. Gareth Hughes says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Can we expect another Sonic game on this generation on consoles?

  12. RikaFurude says:

    IIZUKA-SAMA: Will there ever be another season of Sonic X?

  13. Halkel says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Have you got any future plans for other Sonic characters in terms of playable characters?

    SUMO: After the making of the upcoming All Stars game Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, is there any plans for another genre/type of game with the Sega All Stars?

    • Dale Carey says:

      Hey why Dont they Make a Sonic and All Stars game where there is a story and they all team up to defeat stuff?

      For Sonic and Co. they could use Sonic stages to run around etc,
      and the same the rest of the series!

  14. Yellow says:

    My question is more a general one:

    During the past years, there hasn’t really been anything ‘new’ and ‘outstanding’ in the Sonic franchise. Re-makes of old 16-bit games (Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2), re-makes of old games in general (Sonic Generations), game concepts that have been done countless times before with other franchises (Sonic in sports games, Sonic in car racing games etc.) …

    My question is: when will we finally get another TRUE Sonic game? A game with a real innovative STORY that truly lives up to the Sonic franchise, and where ALL important characters (at LEAST Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy) have a PLAYABLE part in it?? A game where graphics, level design and ‘fast running’ isn’t the ONLY thing developers will think of???

    Maybe SEGA doesn’t realize it, but “Sonic Adventure” isn’t famous until today because of the cool levels to run in; hardly anyone still talks about the level design. But after over 10 years, they still remember the STORIES they experienced while playing with each character, and how the characters grew and developed during gameplay. You never get this with pre-rendered cut-scenes and Sonic doing all the fun stuff on his own…

  15. iwantthatguitar says:

    SUMO: How did the idea of ASR: Transformed come about?

    IIZUKA-SAN: What inspired you to work at SEGA?

  16. JezMM says:

    Got a couple:

    IIZUKA-SAN – Do you have a personal favourite level you would have loved to put in Generations, but knew it wasn’t popular or well-known enough?

    And also from a discussion over on the Sonic Stadium about strange things in Sonic games:

    IIZUKA-SAN – Was there a reason for Rouge’s random design change for Sonic Heroes?

  17. Bilal says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Do you feel that the rivalry between Sonic and Mario has ended?

  18. JenJen says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Which game did you find the most fun and creative to work on?

  19. IZUKA-SAN: Since Shadow was blessed with his own game, is it likely worth considering that other spin-off titles be worth working on for other characters in the series. A Rouge the Bat game, for example? *hint hint*

    SUMO: When ‘Transformed is released, will you be offering more additional content for the title in future?

  20. Amy says:

    IIZUKA SAN: I want to be a video game producer. It’s my dream job. What are your suggestions in taking those steps towards success?

    Amy (

  21. Candice says:

    SUMO: how did u gte involved in the sonic crew?

  22. bcdcdude says:

    SUMO: I read that you would consider making Shenmue III should the opportunity arise. Is that true? (Sorry it’s not a Sonic related question!)

    Iizuka-San: For lovers of the music, the 20th anniversary was a great opportunity to release a lot of classic music, however Sonic 3 and Knuckles was missing. Can you clarify why that was the case please? :)

  23. The Blue Striker says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Is there a reason when picking the levels for Sonic Generations, how come you didn’t decide to pick a level from Sonic 3?

    SUMO: How did you react when the first Mario Kart 7 trailer revealed gimmicks similar to ASRT?

  24. Alex Baker says:

    IZUKA-SAN: Will Hyper Sonic ever be reintroduced ?

  25. Lee H says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: In Sonic games both the levels and bosses involve running, jumping, spinning and navigating platforms. However in games such as Sonic Generations and Sonic Heroes the final boss involves flying as Super Sonic instead of running and jumping, which feels like a different kind of game. In future games will the final bosses have more running and jumping, like in Sonic Colours on Wii and Sonic Adventure 1 on Dreamcast?

  26. Nicholas says:

    PS: SUMO: Please, in the name of Sega and all that us Retro Sega nerds cherish, please, let Opa Opa return for ASR: Transformed <3

  27. IIZUKA-SAN: Did you think that Sonic Adventure (one of the best Sonic games of all time.) is still better as it first came out all those years ago?

    SUMO: What gave you the idea for Metal Sonic to be in Sonic & Sega All stars Racing?

  28. Callum Lavender says:

    IZUKA-SAN will there be another game with shadow and silver playable in the main story e.g shadow 2, silver’s debut game or a shadow/silver cross over game?

  29. RECON says:

    IIZUKA-SAN:Why was sonic the hedgehog 2006 made? silver’s and shadow’s story was good but the lifeless movement and bad gameplay there should of been more time to work on it i heard it was rushed if so why didn’t it get postponed?

    • Zack T says:

      Sadly Iizuka didn’t work on Sonic 2006 at all. But I can help answer those questions.

      Originally the concept of Sonic 2006 was to utilise the next-gen consoles to have a Sonic game that felt ‘real’, as well as bringing Sonic back to his core 3D roots (since Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog had taken such a big departure from the traditional style of Sonic gaming). In short, it was set out to be Sonic Adventure 3 that we never got.

      Sadly it was heavily rushed in order to have the game released in time for Christmas of 2006, to maximise sales of the game (unfortunately in whatever shape or form it was in at the time).

      Hope that helps a little. And maybe Iizuka will know a little more detail than I do if the question does get picked. :)

  30. Manoj Rasanayagam says:

    Can’t wait for event its gonna be awesome!!

  31. ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

    IIZUKA-SAN/SUMO: Are there any plans for any Archie comic cross overs? And possibly adding in some of the characters like Sally, NICOLE and Scourge into the games?

    (Either one can anwser this thanks :)

  32. IIZUKA-SAN: Out of all the bosses that Sonic the Hedgehog has for over 20 Years which one of those bosses that you really liked the most?

    SUMO: What gave you the idea to made a Sequel to your upcoming game Sonic & Sega All stars Racing Transformed?

  33. Wesker Burkin says:

    SUMO: If you were able to add any 3rd party character to the SART Cast who woul be your dream character?

    IIZUKA-SAN: Why is there no love for Mighty The Armadilo?

  34. Mateus Lopes says:

    SUMO: Would you like to make a non-spin-off Sonic game? Like, if there was a Sonic Adventure 3 coming, would you like to be part of it?
    Iizuka-san: Don’t you think Dimps is really bad at making Sonic games? What do you think about Platinum Games or SUMO digital making a Sonic game? Would it be great or even possible??

  35. Spikey says:

    IIZUKA-SAN Are there any plans or talks to feature Mighty Armadillo in future Sonic titles, he hasn’t been featured for a long while now. : )

  36. Tamelame says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: When Sonic Adventure was being made, was creating or programming the character Chaos a challenge?

  37. Amy22 says:

    It is true that by 2014 would do a reboot of sonic?

  38. Gareth Hughes says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Is there any plans to finish the Sonic Storybook series that started on the wii?

  39. Ben/Rio says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Can I have your job please?
    (Only kidding)

  40. Ashley says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Hi! I have been wondering, is there going to be a new Sonic show? Or will there ever be a Sonic x season 4? Thank you!

  41. kimplix says:

    SUMO you have come so far to make a 2nd sega all stars racing game from now. What was it like when you made the first sega racing game and why?

  42. Furianu says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Since this year is Tails 20th anniversary, have you planned any kind of celebration?
    How are chances that Tails get his own game?
    The last time Tails was able to transform into Super Tails was 17 years ago. Will we see Super Tails ever again?
    Last but not least: How are chances that Tails (or any other Sonic characters) will be featured in the next “Super Smash Bros.” game for the Wii U?

  43. Ricardo says:

    ——Steve Lycett ——

    Q: During the development of All Stars Racing Transformed, did it ever occur to you to make the game foot-based? Maybe instead of transformations, when a water section comes, there could be a set of mini-boats that will drive you across the water, and a set of mini-planes that will fly you across the stage?

    • H Hog says:

      If they made it foot-based Sonic would always win, no question. Heck, “normal” characters such as, say… Vyse or Alex Kidd wouldn’t even have a chance.
      Which, incidentally, is also probably the reason Sonic drives a car in the first place – proper sportsmanship.

  44. Harry says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Have you ever considered bringing back the Chao Gardens and the ability to raise Chao again?

  45. IZUKA-SAN: Will you ever make another crossover with another game series that is not nitendo?

  46. SUMO: After working on a tennis game and a racing game, would you like to work on a “super smash bros brawl-like” game, but in sega universe?

    Iizuka san: More than 6 months after Sonic Generations release, can we still keep hope for new levels as DLC???

  47. SUMO: Obviously Panzer Dragoon is in the game, and is one of the major tracks for advertising and trailers. How come you chose that track over other possible nostalgia-tickling tracks that could be in the game?

    Iizuka-san: Generations was a fantastic game and had some amazing recreations of classic levels, but I have to ask, was there any level from any representative game that came close to being the Generations level? For example, was there a level from Sonic Heroes, such as Egg Fleet, that almost beat Seaside Hill?

  48. Grassy says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Are we ever going to see a humorous/embarrassing moment for Shadow? Quite frankly, I’m waiting for someone to nickname him “Fluffy”…And the reaction that results every time he is called that. (Hopefully it won’t bump the rating up to T!)

    IIZUKA-SAN: Cubot and Orbot. Is there ANY chance at all of seeing the lovable guys return to the games after the doc so brutally abandoned them?

    SUMO: How would you say your experience with Sega has gone so far?

  49. Eric says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: How long did it take to create “Sonic Generations”?

  50. Eric says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Have you ever considered making a “Sonic Adventure 3″?

  51. adamboy1998 says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: The ending of Sonic 4: Episode 2 has become controversial among the fans, as it really seems to have left players confused over why the Death Egg II wasn’t destroyed, but just powered down. What makes it even more confusing is because in March, you stated in an interview that there weren’t any plans for Sonic 4 beyond Episode 2, and that Sega wanted to see how players accept Ep. 2. Does this mean that an Episode 3 is a definite “no”? It’s been a few months since that interview, so any chance that you can tell us if anything has changed regarding what you’ve said before?

  52. HAZBOZ says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Is it difficult coming up with ideas for new Sonic characters due to the mass amount of Sonic fan characters out there?

    IIZUKA-SAN: At the end of Sonic Rush Adventure, Marine the Raccoon is shown to have some sort of special power, as in the final boss fight of the game, she is seen shooting a light green ball of energy from her fist. This ability was never fully explained. Do you have any knowledge on what this power actually is?

    SUMO: Would guest characters like Banjo & Kazooie be returning in All-Stars Racing Transformed and would Captain Falcon make a good Nintendo representative?

  53. Nicholas says:

    “IIZUKA-SAN: Have you ever considered bringing back the Chao Gardens and the ability to raise Chao again?”

    Oh gosh yes, please <3


    How long does it take to Develope a Level

  55. IIZUKA SAN: The Sonic franchise in the past has had some quite wild rumors floating around it… What’s the funniest or strangest rumor you’ve ever heard in your time at Sonic Team? (Rumor example: Fang returning for Unleashed)

    SUMO: What process goes into deciding a character roster for a game like Sonic and Sega All Stars?

    Hope these get answered!

  56. IIZUKA SAN/SUMO: As we all know the game journalists hasn’t been fans of past 3D sonic games i.e 2006, Unleashed, Black knight. And more recently there has been a return to form with Generations and Colours but how did you feel when you saw those negative reviews, did it inspire you to improve or did it get you down?

  57. SK72 says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: What is your Favourite Sandwich?

    SUMO: Why does the panzer dragoon stage look like some generic desert?

  58. supersonicfan#1 says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Will you ever bring back the chao, and a sonic game with a decent in depth plot, in my opinion even though the gameplay was bad sonic the hedgehog 06 was one of the best plots ever due to the fact that the story was extremely long. sonic adventure 2 was the best game ever for the same reason but 06 beat it by plot but not graphics or the fact that it had a chao garden. So my main question is will we ever see any games like that again with the free roaming ability and not just constant 2d side scrolling, a proper in depth story, more playable characters and a chao garden? In short will we ever see a sonic adventure 3?

  59. FoeOfTheSystem says:

    1) Will Sonic’s friends, such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy, ever be playable in single player modes in future main Sonic games again? Many fans are calling for the return of Sonic’s friends to be playable again.
    2) How much do you value Sonic’s friends in the grand scheme of things? (Tails, Knuckles, Amy)
    3) Joke Question: Does the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise often play tribute to Freemasonry?

  60. 2TailedKnight says:

    - Do you have any long term plans for Sonic’s friends such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy?
    - Do the Wisps in Sonic Colors, especially the Yellow Drill Wisps, pay homage to All-Seeing Eye symbols?
    - Do you feel that there are general miscommunication issues between Sega, Sonic Team and the Sonic fans? I ask this question with all due respect, sir.

  61. WeaselNack7 says:

    What are your thoughts on Sonic CD?

    Have you ever thought about just sitting down with one Sonic fan and having a nice 1 hour chat with him or her? Maybe along the lines of having a contest?

    What are your thoughts on the G.U.N. logo being incredibly similar to other famous “G” logos like Gatorade and the Green Bay Packers?

  62. Edward Thorpe says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: In Sonic Colours was the “No Copyright Law In The Universe Is Going To Stop Me!†line a joke on Super Mario Galaxy or is it coincidence that there was the that line and Mario had a game with levels set in different planets first.

  63. IEncounterUlol says:


    In your opinion, what are the differences between American, European and Japanese Sonic fans?

    Why do you believe that people don’t want to play as Sonic’s friends such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy? There has been a recent uproar by the fans that do want to play as Sonic’s friends.

    Why does Sonic Team allow Sonic characters to use hand gestures while they celebrate?

    • Yellow says:

      To add to that, not just ‘play’ as any of Sonic’s friends through the exactly same levels we have already played through with Sonic, but playing their own side-quests / alternate level-parts with them.

      Who had the weird idea to concentrate even more on Sonic as before in future games? In _every_ franchise, it’s always been the side characters that added the ‘spice’ to the story, especially when the main character is always supposed to be ‘too cool’ to ever fail, doubt on himself or show too much emotions…

  64. WindsofChangeFox says:

    Hello Mr. IIZUKA-SAN! These questions are for you!

    #1 How do you define the brotherly relationship between Sonic and Tails?
    #2 Would you ever consider giving Tails an age boost (from Age 8 to Age 12) just like you gave Amy Rose an age boost for Sonic Adventure 1? Some people have speculated that Tails would only need an age boost to get back on the radar of strong heroes along with Sonic and Shadow.
    #3 What are your opinions on Sonic Team’s use of shapes in Sonic games such as using the pentagram and the hexagram? The Wisps in Sonic Colors would be an example.

  65. SarcasticSlyTails says:

    Iizuka-San, I have some questions to ask you! Thanks for your time!

    How much do you value a well detailed Sonic storyline that has depth to it?

    How much do you value Sonic’s friends interacting with each other? (Tails/Knuckles, Tails/Amy, Knuckles/Amy, etc.)

    In some Sonic games, and in Egyptian-themed levels specifically, why do you include odd-shaped pyramids and obelisks in the level designs?

  66. Spring_Board_Beta says:

    Hello. These questions are for IIZUKA-SAN.

    1) What will it take to have Tails, Knuckles and Amy as playable characters in single player mode in Sonic games again?

    2) Can you explain why Devil Doom features single eye minions that are similar in design to All-Seeing Eye symbols?

    3) What are the possibilities for Sonic to be involved in crossover games? (Examples: Sonic and Sly Cooper, Sonic and Pac-Man, Sonic and Mega Man)

  67. Columbus1989 says:

    Iizuka-San, thank you for this opportunity!

    Do you believe in quality over quantity in the Sonic character roster?

    For laughs, do you know that Amy Rose’s use of Tarot Cards has ties to the Occult?

    Would you like to further develop the characters of Tails, Knuckles and Amy? These three characters have strong fan followings.

  68. ManicSonia57 says:

    All these questions are for IIZUKA-SAN. Thank you, Summer of Sonic!

    Iizuka-San, in your opinion, what purpose do Sonic’s friends serve? (Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Cream, etc.)

    When Sonic uses his Super form, is the illuminating glow an inadvertent reference to something? Basically, what does Super Sonic represent?

    What are the odds of a TRUE Sonic and Mario crossover game happening? (Not counting the Olympic games)

  69. Spazo says:

    Sumo: will you be featuring any characters from more obscure sega games like Segagaga?

    Ilzuka: why didn’t sonic 4 use HD sprites? why make it 3d?

  70. PenguinBlitz25 says:

    IIZUKA-SAN, these questions are for you. Thanks for spending time to answer questions.

    #1 Iizuka-San, what is your opinion on the issue of “unsolicited material?” For those who are young, apsiring writers who are trying to break into the video game industry, they are getting shut out by gaming companies as they are not allowed to submit anything script related. Is this something you would fix?

    #2 What are your thoughts on the term “Solo Sonica?” It refers to Sonic games where Sonic is the only playable character.

    #3 Do you believe that the video game industry in general is experiencing economic inflation?

  71. StephenASmithFan says:

    These questions are for IIZUKA-SAN. How’s it going, sir?

    Do you feel that there is a disconnect between Classic Sonic Fans, Adventure Sonic Fans and Modern Sonic Fans? This isn’t a question about Sonic Generations.

    Would you ever like to tour through the United States (Sonic Boom) to reach out to American Sonic Fans?

    In your opinion, which Sonic character is the most worthy of receiving a 3D spinoff game of his or her own? Tails? Knuckles? Amy? I pick Tails.

  72. Paul McCambridge says:

    IIZUKA-SAN : If you could have another studio work on a Sonic game who would choose.

    IIZUKA-SAN : What is your favourite non-Sonic game?

  73. silver the legend says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: will there ever be a new sonic gameplay type? sonic had the same gameplay in sonic unleashed, sonic colours and sonic generations the gameplay is very fast and fun but will there be a gameplay more like sonic adventure 1 and 2? there was much more conntrol in those games.

  74. Skippy_LakersWin says:

    IIZUKA-SAN, will Sonic’s friends be playable again in single player mode in future Sonic games? (Tails, Knuckles and Amy I mean)

    What’s your opinion on Sonic characters using magic to progress in levels?

    What are your thoughts on previously scrapped characters Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel?

  75. Joseph Harbutt says:

    Iizuka-San: Who is your favorite sonic character?

  76. TheMiketroid says:

    A few questions for IZUKA-SAN:

    1) You have to spend the next two weeks with two Sonic Characters of your choice, Who would you pick and how would you spend time with them?

    2) What is your favorite Final boss from any Sonic game?

    Finally, 3) Is there anything in Sonic Generations you wish you had done that you didn’t do?

  77. Yellow says:

    Will we ever see a playable version of “Sonic X-treme” on any of the consoles or as download content?

  78. Nazo says:

    IZUKA-SAN: Now that the Wii U is making it’s appearance, are the already made sonic games for Xbox 360 and PS3 going to be ported to it, since it will have a faster processor and better graphics? And will the future sonic games be more nintendo-centered?

  79. WhoopieCushion0y says:

    For IIZUKA-SAN, here are my questions.

    #1 Will Sonic’s friends (Tails, Knuckles and Amy mainly) be playable in single player mode, having their own gameplay features that work, for future main Sonic games again?

    #2 Which sport do you think fits Sonic the best? Football? Baseball? Basketball? Soccer?

    #3 In which order, 1 through 3, do you value these features? Replay Value, Unlockable Content Through Gameplay, Optional Side Missions

  80. Ice Climber says:

    Iizuka-san: how do you cope with dealing with the most splintered and hard to please fanbase in gaming?

  81. TexanFromMars says:

    Hello there, IIZUKA-SAN! I have some questions to ask you! Keep up the good work!
    1- In future main story Sonic games for single player mode, will there be other playable characters such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy? A huge majority of Sonic fans I’ve talked to want to see Sonic’s friends come back as playable characters.
    2- In your opinion, would the Sonic franchise benefit by establishing a written novel series, books for Sonic fans to read? (Examples: Dav Pilkey, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, etc.)
    3- Would you be open to starting up a contest where Sonic fans can compete to win a chance to sit down and talk with you for at least one hour? Or even one whole day?

  82. Fayyaz says:

    1.I asked this to Mr Iizuka and Mr Naka last year. I would like to ask you the same. What mentality should a games designer/programmer, take when creating there own game?

    2. The roster of the game has been changed. With it, Some characters have also had there vehicles changed too i.e Shadows Motorcycle. With that also said, There are significantly less or none seen in the trailer. Is it me, or has that dynamic been taken out completely in favour of quad bikes and cars only?

    1.Have you considered games orientated around the other characters in an episodic format? Knuckles Chaotix, would be a nice edition to the episodic franchise.

    2. When you produced Sonic Unleashed, do you remember the mentality you went going into the design of this game? As this in my eyes was the start of where Sonic was transitioning better.

  83. IIZUKA-SAN: 1.Will There be a Sonic Adventure 3?Most Sonic Fans are Waiting For it.
    2.If Sega is going to make one, Will it have a lot of Playable Characters?Unlike Sonic Generations?

  84. Angy says:


    1. Why the decision of classic Sonic not speaking in Sonic Generations was made? I think it would have been funny if he could maintain a conversation with modern Sonic.

    2. In my opinion, Shade the equidna, from “Sonic Chronicles: Dark brotherhood”, was a very well developed character. Is she going to be featured in another Sonic game? Could another Sonic rpg be possible in the future?

  85. Shannon says:

    IIZUKA-SAN – You know the character Dark Super Sonic (Or Dark Sonic) that was in one episode of Sonic X? How come the chararcter was not in any other episode or game? I thought it was a great character. I know there is something close in Sonic and the Dark Knight (which I haven’t played; I don’t own a Wii) but nothing else. Thank you.

  86. artendy says:

    IIZUKA-SAN-have you considered plans to relaunch sonic x generations and give it a 2d sketches and 3d battle sequences ?

  87. artendy says:

    IISUKA-SAN- for the next ten sonic will you give a live action style?

  88. Poketon96 says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: Are you working or planning on Sonic Adventure 3? We all really want it and you said “if people really want SA3, then perhaps” If you do plan on making it, seriously drop the “boost” idea. It has made Sonic stages to quick and not as fun as the games on the Dreamcast Era.

  89. Orengefox says:

    SUMO – Any chance of there being an arcade version of this game as was the case for the first one?

    SUMO – So far you’ve developed a SEGA tennis game and two racing games. Are there any other genres that you’d like to explore with these characters?

    SUMO – I’m sure you’ve been asked this loads of times (maybe not), but we’re curious. What was your reaction when you found out Nintendo was making Mario Kart 7 using a similar sort of setup with cars going by water, by road and by air?

    IIZUKA-SAN – Regarding Sonic 3 & Knuckles development. We don’t have many very early screenshots of Sonic 3, and in the ones we do have, the only real difference we can see is that the game is using Sonic 2’s sprites for Sonic & Tails. Do you remember if any of the levels underwent a major overhaul during development, either in terms of the layouts or in terms of the graphics used? [Note: May provide screenshots for this question on the day.]

    IIZUKA-SAN – Regarding Sonic 3 & Knuckles development (again). It seems that some of the levels originally planned for Sonic 3 were moved into Sonic & Knuckles, but do you remember if there were any levels which were completely cut from either of these games?

  90. Orengefox says:

    Oops, thought this got posted as well =P

    IIZUKA-SAN – For the past year now we’ve received some amazing titles like Sonic Generations, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, the remastered Sonic CD, and Sonic 4: Episode II/Metal. Soon we will be getting Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Once that’s happened, what would you like to see happen to Sonic from here on out? Do you have any sort of general focus or preference in mind?

  91. Jen says:

    Both questions are for Iizuka-san:

    - I remember that when Sonic Adventure 2 was first revealed to the public only three playable characters were shown (Sonic, Knuckles and Robotnik). I’ve also heard that the game was going to have branching paths, with the story and levels changing depending on the actions of the player (the example I read is that in one level, Sonic’s trapped in a submarine and the player can either make him pilot the submarine to safety or find a way to escape from it). Do you remember why these things were changed? Can you shed any light on how the game was originally going to be and any other major changes that the game went through (any story-related details or details on the gamplay itself)?

    - Another one about Sonic Adventure 2′s development – the character Shadow the Hedgehog was shrouded in secrecy when the game was first announced, with magazines simply referring to him as “Dark Sonic” and not showing pictures. There are some interesting rumours about the character’s origins on the internet, with lots of people claiming to have read about “Dark Sonic” concept art featuring a hedgehog with missing limbs and a missing eye, as well as a creature made up of eyeballs. Do you remember, is there any truth behind this at all? What was planned for Shadow when he was still called “Dark Sonic”, was his role in the game going to be the same as it is in the final game?

  92. Shwingo says:

    IIZUKA-SAN: I don’t understand the ending of Sonic 4: Episode 2. Why wasn’t the Death Egg II destroyed, but just powered down with Little Planet still trapped inside it? Why did Sonic Team end the game like this, as you said that you don’t even know if there is going to be an Episode 3? Can you please shed some light on why the game ended like this?

  93. Spanner says:


    Can you explain why you chose Jun Senoue to be the music director and sole composer of the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 series instead of someone more knowledgeable of how to work with classic Sonic style music such as Naofumi Hataya, who was chosen to work on the Classic music for the Genesis Era in Sonic Generations?

  94. Gareth says:

    SUMO: As a sonic fan I get asked this a lot…why is sonic in a car?

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