FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

Summer of Sonic: Frequently Asked Questions

With only three weeks until Summer of Sonic, we’re all starting to get a little bit excited about this year’s programme of events – we hope you guys and gals are too! We’ve had a lot of questions from all of you about the event, so we hope this FAQ will answer them!


“I haven’t got a ticket yet but I still want to go to Summer of Sonic – are there any more tickets available and when will they be released?”

If you don’t have a ticket yet don’t worry – we still have wave 3 of our tickets to give out! Keep an eye on the site tomorrow for the announcement of the release date and time for this final set of tickets we are giving away!


“I received an email confirmation saying my application for a ticket has been successful, but I haven’t actually received my ticket yet…when will I get this?”

If you have your email confirmation, don’t worry! Your details have been recorded, and we will be issuing the tickets by email at least one week before the event to give you sufficient time to print your ticket.


“I have a problem with my ticket…who do I get in touch with?”

If you have any issue with your ticket, email We can alter small details on your ticket; however we cannot change the names.


“I’ve heard I will need personal identification with my ticket to get into the venue. What kind of ID will I need to bring with me?”

We will only ask for your ID if our security staff have reason to ask for it; all the same, you should bring with you proof of who you are which matches the name on your ticket. This can be a driver’s licence, a passport, or a University or college student card. If you have any other form of photo ID (say a work ID card), that will also be accepted. Don’t worry if you are under 16 and don’t have any form of identification; all we will need is your accompanying adult to have identification.

Also note that if you are on a group ticket, you will only be able to enter Summer of Sonic with the named ticket holder and not individually.


“I am planning on coming to Summer of Sonic this year, but I have nowhere to stay and no idea how to get there. Is there a travel guide for Summer of Sonic?”

There is! Check out our Travel Guide for tips on accommodation and transport to the event.


“I’m really excited about seeing the guests at Summer of Sonic! Will I get a chance to meet the guests for autographs and photos, and do I need to pay for these?”

Throughout the day we will have dedicated sessions in which you can meet the guests and get their autograph. Because our guests are super awesome, you don’t have to pay anything for their autograph! There will also be a range of items available for purchase on the day for signing and feel free to bring items from home (but do so at your own risk!).

It is likely that many fans will be queuing for autographs, so to make the process as fair as possible there will be a strict “one autograph per person†rule in order to allow more people to meet the guests. Please be aware if the lines are busy there may not be an opportunity to get a photograph with the guests during the signing session, however there will be other opportunities for photographs with our guests during other points of the day.


“Will I need to bring money with me to Summer of Sonic?”

While it is not essential to bring money with you to Summer of Sonic, there will be several stalls selling official Sonic the Hedgehog and Crush 40 merchandise – merch-hogs will want to bring their wallets! You may also want to bring money in order to purchase food and refreshments over the course of the day.


“I will be coming to Summer of Sonic with a coat and a bag but I don’t want to carry them around all day. Will there be anywhere to store personal items like these?”

There will be a fully-staffed cloakroom where you can safely leave your personal belongings for the day. There will be a small charge to keep each item in the cloakroom.


“I’m coming in costume for this year’s Summer of Sonic cosplay contest. Will there be any facility in order for me to change into / out of my costume?”

For all details on the cosplay event, stay tuned for the cosplay competition announcement that will be appearing on the website later this week!


“If I have any problems on the day, who can I ask for help?”

If you have any problems on the day please visit the dedicated Summer of Sonic Helpdesk that will be clearly marked at the event – our staff will be more than happy to help you!


If you have any other questions about the Summer of Sonic, please let us know in the comments – we will aim to answer them the best we can!

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48 Responses to Summer of Sonic: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. SoulHedgie says:

    Any news on the last wave yet?

  2. Ice Climber says:

    Probably a stupid question, but is the confirmation email the one with the link to my registration details, that I got after finishing the form? The one from support@summerofsonic?

    • T-Bird says:

      No such thing as a stupid question! That is indeed the confirmation email – if you can access those details you will receive a ticket.

      • Rob says:

        I have filled out the form in wave 3 and got accepted for me and a friend but I have not had a confirmation email, Can you confirm when I should be receiving the confirmation email?
        Many thanks

      • Danny Hodges says:

        hi I recieved an email when I applied for my ticket on wave 2 saying my application is succeful and pending but since then my status hasn’t changed I contacted the but haven’t recieved a reply as to wether I’ll recieve a ticket it just says my application is successful and pending in a green box I really need to know soon as I’ve booked everything and theres only two weeks until the venue

        • Dreadknux says:

          If you got that email, you’re safe. Don’t panic. Your ticket will be with you soon.

          • Rob says:

            Ok, so how long does it take to receive the email i got through on wave 3. Should I of had the email by now?

        • Spikey says:

          Hi, I emailed them about this and they said that all pending means is that it’s waiting for them to check for any problems, which mitt take a day or so. they said they will email you if there are any problems with your application and help to sort it. They said if they don’t find any problems with ur details them they should b sending tickets for u to print off at least one week before the event so don’t worry = ]. Don’t panic either if they do find any problems, cos they said they will let you know and tell you how to sort it. : D

          • Rob says:

            Topman Spikey, thanks for the reply, that’s a big relief. I swear I won’t believe my luck until im actually there!! I cannot wait!

  3. Katzii says:

    I know a vague starting/ending time was given (10am and 8pm respectively), but do you have an exact time?

    • Andy says:

      I like to know this aswell. I’m flying from the Netherlands and i need to know what time the event will be held so i can order my tickets.

  4. DoubleSNL says:

    “Keep an eye on the site tomorrow for the announcement of the release date and time for this final set of tickets we are giving away!”
    This info got placed online at what? 2 at night? xD;
    So do you mean the 17th June or 18th June as in ‘Tomorrow’? =P

  5. Dayle says:

    When does Crush 40 perform? Is there any schedule I can find because I may be strained for time at the event and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay the whole event.

    • T-Bird says:

      Hi Dayle – we schedule Crush 40 to close the event, so they will likely be playing up to around 7:30pm in the evening.

      • Dayle says:

        Sweet thanks man, I really want to meet them live and in person. Are they going to do a Q&A session like they did last time? And also may I ask if there will be any Crush 40 merchandise for sale there?

  6. marcustherocker says:

    Thanks for clearing up a few things guys as I was worried I wouldn’t get my ticket on time but now it’s clear that I will. Thanks for the clarifications guys :)

  7. Umiyuri says:

    Food is currently a question on my mind. Is it possible to bring in stuff from outside or would we have to leave in order to eat it?

    • bcdcdude says:

      In previous years, i’ve always brought my own food and drink in and there was no issue with that, so I don’t think it will this time around.

    • T-Bird says:

      Hi Umiyuri! You can bring your own food with you if you want, but we ask you eat it in the designated areas. There will be food available on the day from catering at the venue.

  8. The Blue Striker says:

    Is there an offical time yet?

    • T-Bird says:

      We will be publishing an offical timetable very soon. We aim to open doors around 10am and kick off proceedings on stage at 11am.

  9. Isotope says:

    Whilst I am planning on bringing a bag to stash all my SOS swag (X3), do you have any news on who will be there reference merchandising and food? (I heard there were official proper chilli dogs one year so am dead keen on finding out)

  10. ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

    Glad to here about the ticket confirmation! :D

  11. I got to get the last few tickets if not well I’ll be very sad.

  12. Crazy sam10 says:

    I’ve got an issue where I’m currently im limbo about my ticket. One of the last emails talked about getting a goodwill ticket, but I’ve heard nothing more about it after replying with the details, as well as saying they could respond if they needed any more information. With the last ticket date looming I need to know as much about my ticket as possible. Sorry for being such a hassle over this.

  13. Umiyuri says:

    Will there be a memorial service for Big the Cat, or can we arrange one?

    • T-Bird says:

      Froggy requested no funeral for Big (he’s having a private event with Ray the Squirrel and Might the Armadillo).

  14. Niki Hutchinson says:

    All I’d like to know is that will there be enough time to get these tickets before it says sold out again. Seriously 48 sec that’s just ridiculous a friend of my filled in everything clicked submit “SOLD OUT” I-(

    • T-Bird says:

      Unfortunately we can’t control the speed at which people apply for tickets – it’s done on a first-come, first-served basis.

  15. Kevin says:

    Question in regards to ID, can I show a photo copy of my passport as acceptable ID do I have to have the passport itself with me?

  16. Amy says:

    WOOH!! So excited!! Coming all the WAY from the USA!! Can’t wait :D

    • T-Bird says:

      Wow, that’s so cool! Come and say hello on the day! (Remember that chips = fries, put a “u” in “colours” etc…!).

  17. Danny Hodges says:

    hi T-Bird does ID have to be photographic or are there other acceptable forms of ID?

  18. Takeshi says:

    do you have to be a certain age to get in?

  19. beth and bry says:

    I have a question that needs answering;

    I manage to get tickets and placed mine and my sisters name on the ticket, we are underage though, so will we still be able to get in or not (or will we still be able to get in if our mum is with us at the door) ?


  20. Skye says:

    Excuse me, but I was wondering. How do you pick the featured artists? Do they come and ask, or do you? Because I’m an artist myself and I want to know. I’ll admit that I kinda want to be one, but I think that’s not going to happen.

  21. Andy says:

    Do we know what time the doors will open? I want to get there nice and early to be one of the first in.

  22. Furianu says:

    Hi SummerOfSonic Team,

    I’ve read the terms and conditions and I’ve got one question: Am I allowed to bring my mobile phone to the event?

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