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Tickets: ‘Last Chance’ Wave Hitting 22 June

Are you ready for the last batch of Summer of Sonic 2012 tickets? We’ve rummaged deep into our metaphorical pockets, and can happily announce that we will be offering an extra 140 tickets in this forthcoming ‘Last Chance’ Wave. They will be released on Friday 22nd June at 18:00 BST.

Just like the second wave, Groups will be limited to two people per ticket, and not four. This is so that children who will need to be accompanied by an adult to the convention can easily have a parent or guardian added to an application. You will be able to do this by clicking a “+” icon on your application form and adding the full name of the additional guest.

Considering we were only going to release two waves of tickets, this is exciting news indeed! And, it continues to amaze us just how popular Summer of Sonic has become! Thank you all for your support, Sonic fans!

Before we wrap this up, a reminder: your registration of tickets, like all the tickets released before them, are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Entry. You can read this in advance by clicking here.

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55 Responses to Tickets: ‘Last Chance’ Wave Hitting 22 June

  1. sheezy93 says:

    im not so confidence about it actually xD hopefully it wont sell so darn fast like wave 1 and wave 2 :C i may have to submit it for myself :C this is really pity xD nothing to excited about wave 3 going to sell fast!


  2. I can,t wait so i can get my ticket

  3. The Blue Striker says:

    One day before Sonic’s B-day? XD

    Wave 1: 3 minutes

    Wave 2: 48 seconds

    Wave 3: Less then a minute I predict

  4. Nicholas says:

    So how many tickets and guests does that make altogether?

  5. Warren Francis says:

    I got really lucky and got 4 tickets for my self and for my friends. I wish the best of luck to anybody who does not have a ticket yet!

  6. Claire says:

    First wave: I had no computer.
    Second wave: I had no internet.
    Third wave: I will have computer access with broadband… Yep I’ve even kept up my payment for the super fast connection speed I have with my provider! Third time lucky? We shall see. Good luck everyone who’s applying. :)

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to apply for these tickets? I’m new to SoS, so if anyone can give me any information about the ticket application, if there is a fee, and anything else you’d think that I should know, PLEASE REPLY! Thanks in advance! ^_^

    • T-Bird says:

      Hi Jeffrey – you will need to be fast on Friday! Tickets go live at 6pm on the dot. You need to click the registry button at the top of this page (which currently says sold out). At the moment this will take you to a page that says there are no tickets – this will change on Friday to a form where you can input your details. Tickets are free! Hope this helps – if you have any other questions please email

  8. Hoopla says:

    This is my last chance to not be completely left out by my friends… (who all have tickets :( ) Typing fingers at the ready!

  9. Manoj Rasanayagam says:

    I need 4 tickets

  10. Michael says:

    Soooooo you have to be 18 to attend without an adult?

  11. Manoj Rasanayagam says:

    Do you order online??

  12. Becca says:

    I’ve been to the last 3 Summer of Sonic events, I’ll be soo gutted if I don’t manage to get a ticket :S

  13. Chunnandragon says:

    @Summerofsonic I was thinking, i got an extra ticket, but what to do with it??

    • ShadowTheHedgehog says:

      Give it to me? C:

    • T-Bird says:

      If you do have an extra ticket, would you mind emailing with the details of the spare name? That way we can put it back into the pool and someone else can have an opportunity to come. Cheers!

    • francesca frearson says:

      hello please can you help me? my 9 year old daughter is heartbroken we cannot get tickets for the event.she has been waiting and wanting to go for so so long now…….she lives breathes and is sonic!!! she has her costume all ready and is singing sonic heroes all the time too!!!

      • Dreadknux says:

        Hi Francesca!

        We’d really, really love to help you out, but unfortunately the only thing we can recommend is to try your best to register a ticket on Friday! We understand that many families want to attend, and we have simply been overwhelmed with requests exactly the same as yours. Thanks for your understanding. Good luck – we’re hoping we can see you on the day!


        • francesca says:

          hi svend……….thank you for getting back to me….totally understand………i hope e can see you on the day too!………keeping fingers and everything else crossed!………evy will be excited just to get this reply from team sonic!wish me luck.have a fab day if we don,t meet……….

        • francesca says:

          hi again svend! I am so nervous waiting until 6p.m!iam in and out of the loo! sorry……..evy is at school now and i have the day off work to prepare for later! i am just so rubbish and slow with computers .i don,t want to mess it up! she woke up this morning and asked me if i got the tickets yet! i don.t think she realises how hard it will be………being so young she really beleives she is sonics number 1 fan!!because she knows everything about him!………..wish me luck again!

          best regards


          • Jemma says:

            I know how your little girl feels, I was just like her once, and still am a huge Sonic fan now, and Im 20 !! I really hope you get the ticket for her and best of luck :) Im hoping to get a ticket too !

  14. Raquelthehedgehog says:

    How do you get the tickets when the last wave comes out?
    Somebody please answer this! I really wanna go so bad to this convention!!

    • T-Bird says:

      Hi Raquel – Click the link at the top which says “register for tickets” (which currently has “wave 1 sold out” and “wave 2 sold out” on it). It will take you to a page saying that we have no tickets left – on Friday at 6pm that will change to a registry form for you to apply for a ticket. Be quick though, as they will go fast!

      • Raquelthehedgehog says:

        Thankyou, T-Bird! You’re very sweet! And I’ll make a note on the whole ‘the tickets will be quick’ thing.

  15. Bilal says:

    Got my tickets in wave 2, Good look to everyone who still needs tickets! Hope to see you there!

  16. Time8th says:

    I really hope to get in. This is the first SOS I’ve been to. Plus, I’m hoping to record the event for Sonic Paradox.

  17. Bubbleslou says:

    I need 2 tickets, that’s all I need… Me and my friend have never been to one of these, and it’s a day after my prom so I would love to go :(
    I am scared that I wont get the chance.. :(
    With someone who has got a ticket, can someone tell me what information you have to put in? So I can prepare? <3

    • marcustherocker says:

      First Name, Last Name, Additional Persons (in your case it’s 1 additional person) Telephone Number, E-Mail Address, Contact Number, Address and accept the T’s & C’s. Speed type your details in and have your address pre-written out so you can copy it before the tickets for Wave 3 are launched so you can paste it when you get to the address field and save time

  18. karl george says:

    i won’t be available when they go on sale again, perhaps next years tickets release could be on a saturday?
    anyway i wish all of you the best of luck and hope you guys will enjoy the day.

  19. I must get those tickets and no one is going to stop me if anyone reading this please let me have one or two tickets just this once.

  20. hi, just to check,does any one know if there are any age restrictions for entry, or if you have to have parent or guardian present with you in order to get in to SoS? havn’t been to anything like this before, so i’m not really sure.

  21. I really want a ticket here, but I don’t see a page or where I can buy it here! =O Don’t want to miss out like last year! =(

  22. Jemma says:

    I am going to be totally HEARTBROKEN if I do not get the tickets from the final wave ! If not theres always next year but I really really want to go this year, havent been aboe to attend since the first one and am desperate to go this year !! *Fingers crossed* !! and good luck to everyone else trying for them !

  23. The Blue Striker says:

    I got 39 seconds! Yes I timed it

  24. anthony says:


  25. Evilgidgit says:

    I have no idea if I got a ticket or not. I clicked on registration at 6 exactly, but it was 18:01 by the time I was done.

  26. Matt H says:

    Well i reckon those went in 10 seconds. :-(

  27. Well 3rd time and still not got tickets, dont think there is any point they go way too quick, I even copied and pasted info but still went too fast. The less tickets the even faster it goes. Maybe next year you can do paid tickets and get a bigger venue so as not to disappoint.:(

  28. damn, i swear those went in less than 10 seconds, i was there in 9

  29. Soul Hedgie says:

    Hey if anyone has a spare slot on their group ticket, can you email me please? I can travel there and give some money, I don’t have much but it’s still good right?

    Email is

  30. Necros says:

    Okay this marks the end of my patience with SoS. I autofilled the form, found I had to copy paste the address since it wasn’t a standard format text box like it was last time, and then hit submit, only to be greeted with the same sold out message. It took 20 seconds, tops.

    I’ve been to every Summer of Sonic since they began and I’ve been supporting them each time whole heartedly (and somewhat financially considering the money I give them for raffle tickets and merchandise), but this whole ordeal has really killed my interest. It’s just become more and more stressful and less and less worth the effort to be there.

    If it keeps going in this direction, I can guarantee it will be losing fans exponentially. My advice is find a bigger venue and charge money for tickets, even if it’s only a small amount, so you don’t get loads of people signing up half heartedly and with the notion they can just blow it off because it was free. You can donate it to charity or put it towards future events if you’re that worried about legal issues.

    Enjoy the event, those few who managed to get tickets that are actually going to go. I hope you have fun. I’m washing my hands of this whole ugly business.

  31. Saevar Leadon says:

    Anyone knows if you can add a +1 person to your ticket after you submitted? In my haste I may of forgotten to hit the + :/

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