FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

Wave 2 of Tickets – Gone in 48 Seconds!

Wow! Our second wave of tickets ran out faster than the blue blur himself, with all 200 going in just 48 seconds! Once again, this is a brief note to thank you all for your overwhelming and unexpected support. This really means a lot to the community team that organise this convention every year, and can help allow for even greater things in the future.

But why talk about the future when we can talk about the present? For those of you who were lucky enough to get a ticket, you’ll be treated to an exciting celebration of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise – from the games to the comics and the music!

Crush 40 will be performing for the second time at the Summer of Sonic this year, Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka will be present to meet with fans, SUMO Digital is showcasing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Sonic the Comic legends Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn will be meeting Fleetway fans and showcasing artwork…

And of course, the point of the convention – you will get to meet new people and make loads of friends who are just as nuts about Sonic the Hedgehog as you are! This is really the central focus of Summer of Sonic, and what’s astonishing is that we are able to put on an amazing show because our celebrity guests want to do the same thing.

Please refer to our post following Wave 1′s ticket release for a general FAQ on what happens now. There will be a final, “last chance” release of tickets once we lock down exactly how much space we can spare – we’re looking at every possible way to make sure as many people as possible can come! We’ll announce more details on this last chance wave soon.

If you have any issues with your ticket application, please contact us at and our team will do its best to help you.

We cannot, unfortunately, respond to general requests for spare tickets. We have been overwhelmed with such messages, and we appreciate every situation, but we simply do not have the space to accommodate everyone.

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48 Responses to Wave 2 of Tickets – Gone in 48 Seconds!

  1. Celestial_Wolf says:

    If the first wave was done at Super Sonic speeds. This wave was done by Shadow using Chaos Control to get all the tickets.

  2. Richard Burton says:

    I feel that as soon as you click the link to get a ticket, you should be guaranteed a ticket so you can fill out out your details and read the terms and conditions at your leisure.
    No one would’ve believed that the Summer of Sonic will be sold out so quickly. Though slowly but surely, the event has become the most popular of them all.

  3. Claire says:

    It truly is amazing guys… I’ve had to apply the last two times on my phone, can’t help but think if I’d been on the computer it would have been quicker. I agree with Richard though, it’s kinda not fair for those who cant type fast/suffer from dyslexia etc. Maybe a phone line to register could b a future idea…?
    I’ve just got my fingers crossed for wave 3… This will be an awesome event!

    • Celestial_Wolf says:

      At this point, it should be obvious that if you want a ticket, you should have all the details you need (Name, Phone Number, Address and Email) Pre-Typed out in advance and be ready to cut and paste them into the form.

      • Crazy sam10 says:

        From my understanding people were using the Chrome autofill, I was unaware of the feature until I saw people saying they were using it. I was using Firefox when I filled in the registration.

        • Mike Langlois says:

          I used Firefox too. I don’t know why some people read the terms and conditions before clicking accept? It makes no sense.

  4. BurningFox says:

    Ouch… I just died inside reading the list of things that’s going to happen, and I won’t even be there to see. Suuuuuucks.

  5. Crazy sam10 says:

    As soon as I clicked submit I got sent straight to the sold out page. A lot of people seemed to fill it in very fast, I myself went as fast as I could, without spelling errors, which lead to talking at least 60 secs.

    • jonathan tranter says:

      Wright your address in a word document or notepad beforehand :) so you can check for errors
      Then before the tickets go live copy your address ready so as soon as tickets go live you can paste your address
      So you know that its out of the way then and then you can focus on the name and email and contact number :)
      Hope this helps and fingers crossed that you get a ticket in wave 3 :)

      • marcustherocker says:

        That’s what I did before wave 2 started and it worked like a charm as I got my ticket just in time before they all went :D

  6. silver says:

    it’s not fair if this is made for kids and adults type faster than kids then all adults will get in and the kids will never get to go what is the pont?
    it’s how fast you type not how much of a sonic fan you are.

  7. sheezy93 says:

    i hope it wont sell too fast :C if this happen i would defin be ILL and worried so much X_X but hey you guys ARE trying your best ^^; so good luck guys. i know im going to be so unlucky on 3rd wave .__.

    little tickets= would be sell very quickly
    larger tickets= possible bit slower :/

  8. Jocelle Bermoy says:

    Oh lord.
    You have no idea how much I want to be there so bad.It’s really impossible for me to even be there because I’m so far away.Unfair..

  9. anthony says:

    Im still hopeing that i can go, but since im 16 and my grandad isn’t very fast when it comes to typeing i dont have much hope

  10. marcustherocker says:

    Thank god I got my ticket :D I typed very fast and copied and pasted my address so it took less time so I was able to get mine before they all dissapeared :D

  11. Bradley says:

    I do hope that this third and last wave will be less brutal then the second, i do agree when others say that there should be some kind of “first come, first serve” thing where your guaranteed a ticket if you were one of those 400 or 200 individuals who clicked on it first, so that it would be less stress to fill in the form without making mistakes and being able to read the terms correctly at a their own pace instead of having fans being left in the dirt and i think it is also necessary that their should be a box with jumbled up letters to stop spambots or am i wrong? :)

    • Crazy sam10 says:

      If it looks like the one on pastebin then a box like that would work, but some are so muddled up it would just cause more hassle as people need to refresh them and it comes down to those lucky enough not to have a completely illegible one.

  12. Jason Wilkinson says:

    You got to be kidding me sold out less than a minutes and it is really not fair to others.
    I really hope there is more than 400 or 200 on the final chance register “may over 9000 or nine millions” (what if) so I REALLY wanted to go there maybe if someone who not coming may be lucky to go the worse part I did register but sold out twice before I register (so I miss it “again” -.-) it better be a lot longer on they last chance entry ^o^

  13. ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

    I knew this one would go quicker

  14. I was getting a ticket but I coudn’t type fast enough :/ I agree with Richard Burton, we should be guaranteed a ticket when we click it. Me and my friend really want to go :/

  15. Bubbleslou says:

    Didn’t get the tickets for that either :L I waited all day for one ticket and its gone, typical.. I might aswell not go..

  16. Nyra Pureone says:

    I agree with the others , i aint a fast typer and for those who get on the link first should be guaranteed a ticket and THEN fill out the details cuz i would kinda like to read what i’m filling out but i hope to get tickets for the final wave cuz me and my friend are super excited for it since this is supposed to be our first year going. :/

  17. K says:

    Hello. Could someone help me. I registered for tickets and I got the green box that said I was successful. But I have not got the email for the ticket. I could not check my emails yesterday, but it is still not there today. It is not in my junk mail either. Please help as I definately got the green box that said I got the ticket.

    • ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

      That’s what’s happened to me (but I got it on the first wave) :/

    • Crazy sam10 says:

      I had that as well, or at least my Mother did, I sent an e-mail to the support but haven’t heard anything back yet.

      • ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

        I think we get the tickets in a few weeks or something but I ain’t sure, I hope so though!

      • Crazy sam10 says:

        I sent off my querry to support 2 days ago about green box without confirmation e-mail and haven’t heard anything back. I sent a new one today with a bit more detail, as I was unsure if I got the details wrong or something. I can only hope my query e-mail isn’t being put into junk or something.

  18. Danny Hodges says:

    Lucky I got one I recieved an email saying my application was succesful opened up the link in the email and I was like Awwww yeeaaaah!!!! :D

  19. jonathan says:

    OMG wow less than 50 seconds whew lucky I was able to grab one in this wave XD
    My mate who was applying for tickets too was having problems with his internet due to BT >_< He phoned me saying have you got the tickets have you got the tickets I told him to calm down and said its in a waiting line I have to wait but because my application was successful and I got a email saying thanks we have received your application dose that mean I have tickets or not so have I got tickets because I received the confirmation email please I need to know as I am leaving it a bit late to arrange transportation and hotel and the later I leave it the more expensive its gonna be and I am trying to save my money for the SOS event its self too so all I would like to know is that because my application was successful dose that mean I really got tickets ???? Please can anyone let me know thanks

  20. anthony says:

    Can someone tell me how much the tickets are?

  21. Milanous says:

    Spoke to Mike Pollock. He says he wont be attending this year. :(

    Can anyone persuade him otherwise lol

  22. Leigh says:

    When do you get the tickets emailed? ive had the email to say i have got my two places and that they would email back in a few days but ive been checking my emails every day & nothing yet so far? does any one know how long it takes for them to come through? Thanks.

    • ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

      I think a lot of us have had that problem, it’s happend to me, but I think we get them in a few weeks before the event but I’m not sure, just keep checking the site and your emails like what I’m doing :)

  23. Bilal says:

    Hi there, if I got the e-mail saying your ticket application is pending and i got the green box, does that mean I definitely have tickets? Just wondering because I need to start booking hotels ^w^

  24. katy says:

    what happens if you got green box saying you had got a ticket but never received a email and think you put wrong details on form???
    also anyone know when we are getting tickets??

  25. Danbuster says:

    Hey, I’ve had the email confirmation and all that for a few weeks, but I’ve still not received the actual tickets! Has something gone wrong? I didn’t want to book my train ticket till I know I’m in, because it’s such a pain getting them refunded (they dock you an admin-fee, which I can’t really afford)…
    I don’t want to be rushing around at the last possible minute, due to getting the tickets too late!

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