FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

Search for a Singer Results: Introducing Jam with Jun!

Wow! You guys are all truly talented Sonic fans! We received a huge response for our Search for a Singer contest, but the time has come to announce the lucky guy and gal that will be performing It Doesn’t Matter and Believe in Myself live at the Summer of Sonic 2012!

Daniele Narducci is coming all the way from Italy to attend the Summer of Sonic convention this year, and his rendition of Sonic’s theme from Sonic Adventure 2 totally blew us away. He’s not only proved himself to be a fantastic singer, but a versatile one too, taking It Doesn’t Matter and making it his own. He’ll no doubt be a lot of fun on stage. Congratulations Daniele!
It was just as tough to pick a winner for the female singing contest, but Jasmine (or Jazz) Lindsay stunned us all with her brilliant cover of Believe in Myself from Sonic Adventure 2. This is a pretty challenging song to get right, but Jazz effortlessly flips from one note to another and impresses greatly. Congratulations!

Now, you probably remember us hinting that the Fan Showcase will be done a little bit differently in 2012. Well, we’re now proud to reveal a brand new event for Summer of Sonic 2012 – Jam with Jun.

Yep, you read that correctly – legendary Sonic sound director Jun Senoue will be performing twice at the convention. In a similar fashion to 2010′s Afternoon Tea and 2011′s surprise finale performances, Jam with Jun will see Senoue-san fly solo and play a few hits from the huge history of Sonic the Hedgehog game music.

This time around, though, Jun is also going to have a little help from some fans. And this is where our Search for a Singer winners Daniele and Jasmine come in! Both will be singing It Doesn’t Matter and Believe in Myself live on stage, while Jun plays along with them. How awesome is that? Don’t worry if you didn’t win though – there will be an opportunity for the whole crowd to get involved too!

Jun will also be jamming with two musically-gifted fans – Antony Turner will be performing a track with the Sonic composer on guitar (you might remember Antony from 2011′s Summer of Sonic Marriage Proposal), and Daryl Sautter will be playing on violin. It really will be a legendary variety performance that you won’t want to miss!

Jam with Jun will take place on the stage in the main hall from 13:00 to 13:45.

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15 Responses to Search for a Singer Results: Introducing Jam with Jun!

  1. Shannah Watkiss says:

    I’ll be sure to watch all of this on the live stream ^^

  2. Oh man, those two are crazy talented! Looks like you guys are going to have one heck of a show :D And singing with Jun! So lucky! :D I wish you guys luck on the day :)

  3. Kylmar says:

    The guy’s name is Daniele?I thought you’d picked a girl for Sonic’s theme, for a minute there.

    • Daniele Narducci says:

      that’s fun actually xD I’m italian, and “Daniele” is actually the italian version of “Daniel”

  4. bcdcdude says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I’ll have to contend with singing What I’m Made Of after a few pints haha!

  5. T-Bird says:

    It was extremely hard to pick winners – thank you to everyone who entered!

  6. Daxan says:

    Wow, those are great and it really makes me want to try even harder for next year, even though we still need to do this one. Also I wasn’t very happy with my own entry, but I can still sing along. :D

  7. Amy says:

    Congrats to the two talented winners!! You guys are both amazing! And Jazz you were flawless! Great job!! Same to you Daniele :)

  8. Nicholas says:

    Both winners have amazing talent <3
    Also, I'm hoping for my #1 Sonic track of all time Chemical Plant <3

  9. marcustherocker says:

    Congratulations to Jazz and Daniele for winning and I look forward to seeing you two perform with the legendary Jun Senoue on Saturday :D

  10. Tylky says:

    Ah brilliant! I’m all hyped up now! This event is going to be huge. With songs such as It Doesn’t Matter and Believe In Myself.. on top of everything else?! I feel so spoilt.

  11. I’m Antony Turner’s little sister, and I can assure you all that he’s been practicing like crazy! I guess he’s really getting better at what he does, so I hope y’all enjoy his performence.
    It’s going to be my first year at SoS, and I’m really looking forward to the day.
    I’ll be with my brother, for most of the day. If you see us, I’d be happy if you said hello! I’m always up for making new friends :D

  12. James Richards says:

    Do we know yet when Crush 40 are due to play their set? its the only reason I’m coming.

  13. Claire says:

    Absolutely fantastic talent! Congrats to the both of you… I’m so jealous but I can’t sing for beans so I’ll just be hollering along in the audience hehe! Well done to everyone who entered of course. We’re in for a real treat this year! ^v^

  14. Romy says:

    Congratulations to both singers! ;o)

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