FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

Introducing the Fan Animations: Sonic Paradox, BoozermaN and Frobman!

The Summer of Sonic has always been about celebrating the huge fan base that exists for the spiky blue blur. This year is no different, with several fan animations on show at SoS 2012. Let’s have a quick run through of the talent that will be present on the stage…

Sonic Paradox, the well-known fan animation team, is best known for its series of Sonic Shorts, which showcase some funny alternative scenes in Sonic history. This year, however, the highly talented team will be breaking from tradition and presenting something completely different! What is it, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see on the day – but needless to say, you may want to practice your vocal chords beforehand! Perhaps the image above may give you a clue…

Sonic Paradox members BleedingFingertips and BoozermaN will hit the stage to present the video to the crowd!

Speaking of BoozermaN, he has returned to create a special animation for the Summer of Sonic too. You might remember previous Summer of Sonic conventions being hijacked by the Tails Doll (mothered adequately by Marine) – does the cursed toy have any plans for our fifth anniversary?

Last, but certainly not least, we will be proudly showing the latest video from Frobman, the creator of  Sonic in Brief. He has entertained the crowd with Sonic Adventure in Brief in 2009, Sonic Adventure 2 in Brief in 2010 and Sonic Heroes in Brief in 2011. The next logical step? Shadow the Hedgehog in Brief, of course. And maybe more…

Times have yet to be confirmed for the airing of these animations, but we will soon publish a full day schedule for you to print off which will include show times so you don’t miss a thing. Get ready for some laughs!

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10 Responses to Introducing the Fan Animations: Sonic Paradox, BoozermaN and Frobman!

  1. Ice Climber says:

    Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t hate Omochao?

  2. Claire says:

    I was looking forward to the shorts but this looks like it could be pretty awesome as well. :)

  3. SSF1991 says:

    I hope you guys enjoy what the guys at Sonic Paradox have done! 30 minutes after Summer of Sonic ends, I’ll be doing a Sonic Paradox Twitter Q&A to answer fan questions about the site and what we’ve shown at SOS, among other things. More information can be found here:

    Video 1:
    Video 2:

    Thanks a bunch!

    Sonic Paradox Staff Member/News Reporter/Public Relations Man

  4. shadowhatesomochao says:

    I hate Omochao
    and I´m really exited what this will be about :D

  5. ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

    Can’t wait for the next Sonic Shorts! XD :D Lol love it so much! :D

  6. We’ll hopefully also be announcing the release date for Volume 8. Don’t be disappointed, it’s not too far off!

  7. sonicrantosound says:

    Why does Omochao exist even? He’s sometimes helpful but then repeats the stuff that we already know, like ‘You will lose a life if you take damage without any rings’ Uhhhhh

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