FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

What a Sell Out! Final Ticket Zone Completed in 43 Seconds!

WOW! We ran out of our last batch of tickets in an amazing 43 seconds! Exceptionally fast. In total, we have sold out of 755 tickets in a record-breaking 4:05. We’ve never done anything like this before, and nobody expected this convention to sell out so quickly!

This has been seriously moving, the sheer overwhelming demand that we have seen from so many of you around the world. Thank you all for your support! For those of you that managed to get a ticket, we will see you on July 7!

For those who were unlucky this time, our apologies – but you will still be able to catch all the action on the Summer of Sonic website, as we will be providing a live video stream of all the day’s events. We definitely know that there is an extremely high demand for this truly international convention now, and we will take that into consideration going forward.

If you have an issue with your ticket registration, please let us know by contacting Please do not use this email to ask for spare tickets, as we are inundated with such requests and cannot possibly satisfy everybody.

Let’s look forward to the day’s events – over the course of the next week, we will be giving you a lot of information on what to expect, as well as a full schedule so you can plan your day ahead of the convention. See you there!

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59 Responses to What a Sell Out! Final Ticket Zone Completed in 43 Seconds!

  1. The Blue Striker says:

    Sonic approve the speed of the selling tickects

  2. shadowhatesomochao says:

    oh man, I got no ticket again :(
    I clicked the submit button at 18:01 and I didn´t get a ticket for my mum and my bro damn! But well … congrats to those who got tickets… ;)

  3. I tried to apply for the tickets as fast as I can, but 43 seconds that they were already sold out! I was this site even a few minutes before 6 o’clock. I really wanted those tickets. I am completely tearful. That is just not fair! 43 seconds!

  4. alex baker says:

    What the hell.. a bit crap for people who cant type quick..And wasn’t there over 1000 people last year. So why do less ? XD blah :( really gutted

  5. francesca frearson says:

    I did it! My daughter is over the supersonic moon!what a day!!
    so so so excited for the 7th…..sonic costume at the ready…..

  6. Jemma says:

    IM SO HAPPY I FINALLY GOT THEM ! Im so grateful ! and Alex you COULD have used autofill if you were a bit of a slow typer to do most of it for you, or got someone who WAS fast to do it for you, but sorry you didnt get any

  7. Currently, my status is pending..
    My fingers are well and truly crossed!

  8. Jaden says:

    Got my ticket! was running full speed! to get to that ring goal.
    i could feel my heart pounding against my chest as i was filling out the application.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there, as for those who didn’t get one : ( hopefully you can get one next time.

  9. Becca says:

    I know it was definitely 6:00 when I clicked submit on the form, must’ve been past 43 seconds then :/

  10. Claire ~dragontamer626~ says:

    I FEEL SO LUCKY! I was a state when I got the e-mail saying sold out. Luckily a good samaritan said he had two spares and I got the second (last) one! I’m over the moon but I do feel soooo bad for the people who didn’t get it… I really do know how you feel. Yeh guys take this year as a hint… we need a bigger center hehe! ;D

  11. I got a ticket YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!! I done it after 2 Waves I got one at last. See you guys later on the 7th of July.

  12. Gareth says:

    When can we expect our tickets?

  13. Jason Wilkinson says:

    just made it less than 30 seconds :D but 140 tickets that is really small entry “oh well…” ^v^

  14. bethany marsh says:

    I am so happy, after 2 failed attempts of getting tickets fro the 1st & 2nd wave, I managed to make my lil twins dream come true by finally getting a ticket for us ; w ; <333

    congrats to everyone who managed to get tickets, and a huge sadness for those that didn't manage to get tickets ; ^ ; <33

    I can't wait though, it will be our first CONE EVER ! <3

    Can't wait to meet kevin eva, our bry seriously wnats to meet him as he wrote to us on a christmas card (after she sent somthing in to SEGA) <333


    (and happy birthday to sonic for tomoz, well'll be celebrating it in style !)

    we finally completed the stage and beated the badniks ; )

  15. 1Ultima says:

    I have a question

    Can the tickets be printed off in black and white or must they be in full colour for us to get in?

  16. Danny Hodges says:

    I got mine in wave 2 saying that my application is successful and pending in a green box and I’ll recieve an email soon with a link does that mean I definately have a ticket?

    • bmn says:

      It doesn’t mean you definitely have one, but if there’s any problems we’ll email you again to get them sorted out.

      • Becky says:

        Wait, I thought that if you got that green box in the registration and an e-mail, you’re in the safe zone. If it’s pending, does that mean you don’t have a ticket or you’re a part of a queue of latecomers? I applied for the tickets in wave 2, and it hasn’t changed its status yet.

      • Danny Hodges says:

        because I booked my B&B and travel and it would be awkward if there are any problems but so far I haven’t been emailed about any problems with my ticket so I presume everythings ok when will I be notified?

  17. Andy says:

    Aww yeah. I managed to get one this time. :D

  18. hazabaza says:

    Wave 1: no tickets
    Wave 2: wasnt fast enough
    Wave 3: GOT TICKETS!!!!

    I am over the sonic-shaped moon.

  19. ShadowTheHedgehog says:

    I got mine!! I typed at Super Shadow speeds. I’m so happy I can go. :)

  20. ScourgeTheHedgehog says:

    Wow! Can’t belive how fast this one went to! Glad I got the tickets in the first wave though :D Congrats to the others who got them, and to those who didn’t, you could be one of the ones who gets next years ;)

  21. kimplix says:

    excuse me while i scream in agnie

  22. well done to everyone who managed to get a ticket unfortunatly I won’t be able to make it this time but I hope everyone has a great time

    ~Bliss :)

  23. Danny Hodges says:

    well so far I haven’t recieved any e-mail since my successful application saying theres a problem so I assume that there’s no problems with it and T-bird did say if you can access those details which I can then you will recieve a ticket which was on the frequently asked questions so I don’t need to worry

    • T-Bird says:

      Just taken a look Danny – we have your details on the system and all are in order so there is no reason why you won’t be issued a ticket next week.

  24. Danny Hodges says:

    mine is too does yours say successful and pending?

  25. BurningFox says:

    Welp, I didn’t get a ticket! XD I logged on a few days AFTER the wave. Bah, there wouldn’t have been a way for me to get there in the first place, derp. All I can say is congratulations to the peeps that will get to experience this event, I will be watching you the whole time via the livestream! Sucks I won’t be there to unleash my mirror breaking singing, but, there’s always next year, am I right? And, to the people that organize the event… If I may make some suggestions?

    WARNING: WALL OF TEXT! Read at own interest.

    My suggestions are basically, for the whole venue and tickets. I see, 43 seconds… that is ridiculously fast… anyhow, a suggestion: There could be a, price to the tickets, and you could give the profits to charity and stuff, you know. I mean, 43 seconds? Really?

    Another suggestion I have is to locate the event someone more up in the middle of the country, yes, London is a travel capital, yet, it’s been set there for every convention, making it really freakin’ tough for the peeps that are in Scotland and stuff to reach there. It’s the travel capital, yes. Easy to get to from abroad, yes. But, the people in the country can’t fly a plane to London can they? :P They’ll end up paying a fortune over train or petrol costs. Takes a lot of effort, and you pay way too much. It’s a Sonic Convention, sure, it’s a big event, but I doubt many people are prepared to spend £100+ on travel costs.

    Mere suggestions, hope you take them into account, I’ll see you guys on the livestream that’s coming up, blah-de-blah, and I’ll be hopefully, with you next year. Peace out.

  26. T-Bird says:

    In answer to your questions:

    1) We like how our event is free; we think it’s awesome SEGA are willing to make this event open to anyone, and it doesn’t cost a penny, and we want to keep it that way! If we start charging for tickets, there are all sorts of legal costs, taxes etc…and it all gets a bit complex.

    Unfortunately there’s no point in going “43 seconds?” at us – it’s you guys going bonkers for the tickets!

    2) Speaking as a person who organises the event and lives in the North of England, I don’t have a problem travelling to Summer of Sonic. You joke about flying to SoS – I’ve flown from Newcastle to London on two ocassions for less than £40 each time.

    Sure it can be expensive to travel, but if you travel smart, you can do it for next to no money if you’re on a budget. The megabus and national express do coach trips for as little as a few pounds if you book early enough, and if you stay in a hostel it can cost you as little as £15-20 a night. I know people who have had the Summer of Sonic experience on much less than £100! The problem is if we book a venue in the north, then we create exactly the same problem for people in the south, and then they have to pay to travel; we can’t please everyone no matter where we locate it.

    We totally appreciate costs to fans in getting to SoS, but as many of the Summer of Sonic regulars will tell you, it’s worth the expense for such a great and memorable day out, and we aim to make every event as awesome as the last! Heck, we have people travelling from France, Germany, America, Finland, Australia…and it’s costing them a lot more than £100!

    • BurningFox says:

      XD You’ve got a good point there, mate… my familly is just poor :P

      Sorry about my stupid suggestions, I just think that it’s ridiculous the things that happen, but it just goes to show, people are willing to do anything to get there. I would be also, but unfortunately, like I said, I’m poooooooooorrrrrrrr DX

      Bah, it’ll be fun watching you guys anyway. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to arrange something… I just hope.

      Appologies for wasting your time there ^^’

      • T-Bird says:

        No such thing as a stupid question! We do try to accomodate as many people as possible, it’s just impossible to accomodate everyone. We hope you will visit a future event!

  27. Jason Wilkinson says:

    Hi there is anyone who miss the chance for SOS2012
    here is a help for you for SOS2013
    use a desktop computer/laptop computer
    use a program like MS Word/Notepad/Word-pad or Auto-fill using Google Chrome or Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer

    than type your fist name, last name, address, city/town, country, post code, phone/mobile number and email
    after that all of this is done just copy and paste for SOS 2013 ticket registration form (auto-fill may load automatically)
    this might be very useful@;) (50/50 chance with timing and speed)

    (thank to a friend who asked to copy and paste)
    Note: It better to use Windows XP/Windows 7 (it run better, faster and doesn’t frozen/crash/blue screen of death that often “require desktop computer” (Caution: Don’t use Windows Vista it crash/blue screen of death too much!!!)


  28. Shannah Watkiss says:

    Aww man, so not fair on the people who can’t type very fast, I really wanted to go because I’ve never been before, and Crush 40 are my favourite band, I was looking foreword to seeing them live T_T Me and my friend really wanted to go, we were going to enter the cosplay competition, it doesn’t help by the fact that my friends got tickets and then rub it in my face that I don’t have any, and it doesn’t help when they don’t even like Sonic D:< They're only going just because they want to meet up because they've only seen each other in real life once, but that doesn't mean they start rubbing it in my face, me and my friend were so hyped up to going too, I don't know whether it'll be possible to even attempt to get tickets next year, they're probably going to sell just as fast T_T So upset…

  29. Aidy J says:

    Congrats to everyone who managed to get tickets. See you there =D

  30. katy says:

    got i ticket in round 2 and confirmation email——but some emails deleted including my ticket confirmation email—does that mean i will not get one???

  31. Kateee says:

    does under 5s need a ticket to get in?

    • Dreadknux says:

      Hi there

      Everybody needs a ticket to gain entry. This is due to overwhelming demand.


      • Kateee says:

        fair enough :)
        also, will re-entry be possible? We are thinking about going out for lunch for an hour or so. Will we be able to get back in after?

      • katy says:

        confirmation email from summer of sonic confirming i won one has been deleted,,,does this matter????

  32. Heaven the Hedgehog says:

    as expected it was too fast gone again… luckily i decided after the 2nd wave to quit trying to get one…. thats just insane, thank you facebook :( well ill be there for the lifestream at least… greet me if you see the camera :p
    yours heaven <3

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