FIFTH International Sonic Convention - July 7 - Brighton, UK

Win Summer of Sonic Tickets on SEGASonic:Radio!

Want to go to Summer of Sonic but haven’t got a ticket? Well don’t despair yet! We have an extra 10 tickets for Summer of Sonic this year, and we will be giving them away tomorrow (Tuesday 26th of June) … Continue reading

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What a Sell Out! Final Ticket Zone Completed in 43 Seconds!

WOW! We ran out of our last batch of tickets in an amazing 43 seconds! Exceptionally fast. In total, we have sold out of 755 tickets in a record-breaking 4:05. We’ve never done anything like this before, and nobody expected this convention to sell out so quickly! Continue reading

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Search for a Singer: Your Chance to Shine at SoS!

Last year, we introduced a brand new event at the Summer of Sonic: the Fan Showcase. This allowed us to provide talented fans with a platform to perform in front of like-minded friends, fans and family. A lot of the performing acts on stage ended up being singers, like the talented Zonic and charismatic Kati Katsaros. Because of this, we’re doing things a bit differently in 2012. Continue reading

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The Summer of Sonic Cosplay Contest Returns!

We are delighted to announce the return of a fan favourite event for 2012′s convention… Yes, the cosplay contest is back! Do you have the swiftness of Sonic, the technical know-how of Tails or the strength of Storm? If you … Continue reading

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Tickets: ‘Last Chance’ Wave Hitting 22 June

Are you ready for the last batch of Summer of Sonic 2012 tickets? We’ve rummaged deep into our metaphorical pockets, and can happily announce that we will be offering an extra 140 tickets in this forthcoming ‘Last Chance’ Wave. They will be released on Friday 22nd June at 18:00 BST. Continue reading

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Submit Your Questions to Iizuka-san and SUMO Digital!

We have already announced that not only will Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka will be making a return appearance to Summer of Sonic, but that SUMO Digital will also be in attendance to showcase Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed! As part of the day’s festivities, we will be hosting two Q&A panels where fans can ask both Iizuka-san and SUMO Digital’s executive producer Steve Lycett any burning questions you may have about the blue blur! Continue reading

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Summer of Sonic: Frequently Asked Questions

With only three weeks until Summer of Sonic, we’re all starting to get a little bit excited about this year’s programme of events – we hope you guys and gals are too! We’ve had a lot of questions from all … Continue reading

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POLL: Help Decide Crush 40′s Set List

Crush 40 will be performing at Summer of Sonic 2012! And you can help Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli select the songs that they will be performing on the day. How? By taking part in this nifty little poll that we have here! Continue reading

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Wave 2 of Tickets – Gone in 48 Seconds!

Wow! Our second wave of tickets ran out faster than the blue blur himself, with all 200 going in just 48 seconds! Once again, this is a brief note to thank you all for your overwhelming and unexpected support. This really means a lot to the community team that organise this convention every year, and can help allow for even greater things in the future. Continue reading

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GUEST: Sonic Team Head, Takashi Iizuka

Ladies and gentlemen, the king is back! We’re honoured to announce that Takashi Iizuka, leader of the Sonic Team in Japan, will be a special guest at the Summer of Sonic 2012. Continue reading

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